Poland & Czech Republic

After a month at home I knew I had it bad when I was already itching to book another ticket. And this time, it was a one-way, indefinite trip. First stop, Warsaw!

Warsaw, Poland

If you're ever wondering what's in Poland, you're definitely not alone.


My experience there was a bit.. meh. The highlight: DREAM Hostel. Where do I even begin to describe the beds? I got the best sleep of my entire year in this hostel. Deep, rejuvenating sleep, the kind where you wake up and look in the mirror saying, DAMN I’m glowing!

I also saw these Trump posters everywhere, and as I was exploring the city, I came to the Main Street. It was completely blocked and everyone was stranded on one side or the other. Turns out that my “president” was in town, and he was about to do a drive-by. That was as close as I’ll ever get to Donald Trump.


Kraków, Poland

Then I made my way to Kraków, a seemingly random city on the map en route to Prague. What a pleasant surprise! I loved it so much I extended my stay a few extra days. Met some lovely people at the hostel and soaked in the lively atmosphere of the old city.

Thanks Linda for wandering around with me!

Thanks Linda for wandering around with me!

They have awesome food, awesome gelato, and crazy nightlife that doesn’t end until 6am. A friend of a friend, who was Polish, heard that I was in Kraków and he said to her, “she must be having the best time in the world, in the best city ever!!”

Prague, Czech Republic


It was a super quick stop to Prague (I've been before and two days was already enough) to pick up the ice cream I've been dreaming about for two years: Rice and cinammon gelato from Angelato. Still as good as the first time! I also stumbled upon a great ramen place.


To be honest I felt a bit disappointed with my second visit.. the crowds were at their peak and many of the buildings around the old clock under construction. I was eager to see someplace new...

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Welcome to the honeymoon destination for .....Koreans!!! Whaaaa... Seriously though, I had no idea. Came through to relax and was shocked by the swarms of Koreans as I dragged my luggage across the cobblestone streets. Apparently this city was made famous by one of their movies/dramas??


Highlights include the people I met in my small hostel, watching Game of Thrones in the kitchen alone (GoT fans would understand this need), sunset on the bridge. AND this photo ❤️