Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

Vienna, Austria

A quick stop just to feel the vibe of the city. Not my type, but then again I only stayed two days in a private room while catching deadlines, and only went out to shop or eat 😅 it's so damn expensive there!


Bratislava, Slovakia

Another seemingly random city to stop in. But guys... I had the BEST time all thanks to my hostel. I've slept in so many hostels big and small, and I've never truly felt at home in any of them until this. Everything was set up to make it super easy to meet everyone.. nightly dinners before the pub crawl, a common area that multifunctions as beer pong and card game area, small size (40ish bunks i think), bad wifi so we'd socialize and even Game of Thrones for us who try to keep up!


A few snapshots of the city...


Budapest, Hungary

I took a break with my camera, but here's proof that I was there 😜

P1200031 resized.jpg