Greece 2017

Ah Greece. The country that surpasses all others. If I could choose a place to start over and grow some roots, it’s here. 

I stayed 2 months until my European visa ran out and the icing on top of my already unbelievable life.. parents and the lil bro came for a family vacation to celebrate mom’s and my birthdays.

Get ready for a gigantic post 😜😜😜

Athens, Greece


One of the perks of Greece is fresh, high quality, affordable and healthy food. And their coffee is to die for. 


Santorini, Greece

Some say it's overpriced, overrated, and overhyped, but naaah!! it truly is one of the most beautifully picturesque places I've been. I'll let the pictures speak for itself. 


I've heard in the wintertime, you can find plane tickets from Athens for just 5 Euros. Can't help but wonder how the city would look in December..

Definitely a different experience than last year's!!


Crete, Greece

Santorini was a photographer's paradise but what about beaches?? I chose to take everyone to Crete to check out their food scene and hit up a couple beaches like these...

Good times :)