Croatia & Montenegro

My journey through Croatia began in Zagreb, where I was feeling desperate to see something other than old buildings and cobblestone streets. I heard rumors about the beauty of Plitvice Lakes and shut my eyes as I clicked “book” on a pricey small group tour. Turned out to be totally worth it.. just look at the electric blue waters!

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Split, Croatia

One of my favorite things while traveling is finding people who like to play model while I practice portrait skills!


But sometimes it’s that unexpected capture after waiting around for the perfect moment.. 


It’s photographs like this that make me go to bed with a satisfied smile on my face (weird what makes one happy!)

Then at times I like to capture the surroundings and atmosphere of an interaction 😍

After all the “hard work” can’t I indulge in a selfie or two??

After all the “hard work” can’t I indulge in a selfie or two??

Bol, Croatia

Now I’ve had a taste of Croatian water, I wanted to check out their best beaches.

I always do my research after arriving in a country and never really beforehand.. It’s just my way to eliminate expectations. And Bol completely blew them out of the water.. cold blue water! Look!!


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Because.. Game of Thrones. Duh.

In Zagreb few days ago I met a girl who was trying to fit not one.. not two, but SIX mugs she had bought from a GoT gift shop into her luggage. She spent 200 euros on them and was proudly showing them off to me one by one. I thought, what could possibly be a worse way to spend your money, and lugging those on your back across the continent.. 😩😩😩

One of the best #hostelviews at Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

One of the best #hostelviews at Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

I didn’t buy six mugs... but I did buy 2 haha. I take all my judgement back honey!! You do you LOL


Kotor, Montenegro

A cousin of mine recently asked, what do you do when you’re traveling alone and you get sick?? Do you go to the doctor? Who takes care of you? 

I’ve been fortunate to stay relatively healthy throughout my travels, but those times I did get hit with a virus I remember clearly... The week in Beijing where my bed was hard as rock, and the only food around my place was oily street food. The 2 days in Lombok I was hit with food poisoning and couldn’t even drink water without vomiting it up.

In Dubai. In Athens. In Semarang.

Each of those times I had angels with me, whether it was a roommate, a host, or some friends who just made sure I wasn’t dying.

But in Kotor, it was just me, alone, when I felt a bug coming.


And there was no doctor, no mother figure to take care of me. I knew my body was telling me to slow it down. I was approaching day 54 of straight hostel hopping, so I had no qualms about booking a 4 star hotel and bunkering down for a few days.

Imagine climbing up to get this view while it's 33 degrees celcius, and you didn't realize half the heat was from your rising fever... #worthit-ish