Feelings on $$ (money matters)

I've confirmed it. More $ doesn't make me happy. Or feel more secure. Or even, make me feel more free. I have more money in the back now that ever before, but am still counting dollars. I am making more at my current job than before, and I'm still thinking... "It's not enough." No matter how much $ I have, the stress that's still on me will always be on my mind until i learn to let it go.

For those of you who struggle with the same thoughts: here's a little note I wrote to myself when I was in New Zealand.

Money is a tool, not your livelihood. It's all around you, moves faster than the speed of light. Don't clutch onto it too tightly or you'll stop the flow. You have the brains, wit, creativity and skills to acquire more. You have the determination and ambition to hustle. You know that comfort can kill, and the feeling of being stuck triggers action in you. Most importantly, you'll always have family's support, a home, and many friends to call on. You're RICH!

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