A Perfect Experiment

You know that little voice inside your head? The voice that keeps saying, "just... try it"?

I've watched so many videos from Jay Alvarrez and Sam Kolder (fine,fine artists to look up to) but on a random browse through YouTube I found this gem. Its realness triggered something very emotional in me. I dont know exactly what about it was so powerful. But it was. I nearly cried at the end.

Fast forward a few motivating tutorials later and I may have found a new creative outlet. I decided to give it an all-in, put-your-whole-ass-into-it try. So. Here is my first cinematic attempt shot on Panasonic LX100, with some help from my 2 friends.

Note to self: set frame rate to 50 next time. those slo-mo clips got some madddd jitters. So far, I think my dedication to aim for imperfection has gotten me further than the 26ish years of being a so-called perfectionist. BTW IT'S ALREADY FEBRUARY GUYS. 

Also, I'm prepping for another big trip! A "dream destination" since I was a child.

When the weather perfectly matches your personality ❤️

When the weather perfectly matches your personality ❤️