Dubai 2016

Yenny and I took a leap of faith and booked our first trip together for WFG!

Since Dubai is a relatively young city with explosive growth in the 60s after oil was discovered there, everything is so shiny and new..

We booked a desert safari and got to spend the night at one of the camp sites:



One of the other reasons of why Yenny and I came to Dubai was to attend the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference (DIHAD). This was also the time I got sick :( So I shadowed Yenny for a bit while she networked..

After a rough couple of first days not really understanding what Dubai was all about (I was expecting more desert and camels), I finally gained perspective of how unique this city really is: A place where all religions are respected and celebrated, where cultures are preserved but not discriminated against, a huge melting pot of all kinds of people interacting daily without judgement of race or status.